Bheemunipatnam Beach

Bheemunipatnam Beach- The “Bheemunipatnam Beach” of Andhra Pradesh offers one with a fantastic view of nature. The golden sandy beach and therefore the deep blue sea water captures the imagination of the poets. The Beach is blessed the simplest gift of nature. The long unending coastline of the ocean is bordered by the tall coconut trees that adds to the sweetness of the place.

One can experience the divine presence within the beach of Bheemunipatnam. Once a crucial settlement of the Dutch rulers, the Bheemunipatnam Beach has many dilapidated forts and monuments that increase the exotic nature of the place.

Located at a distance of 24 kilometers from the famous place “port city” of Vishakapatnam, the Bheemunipatnam beach lies at the opening of the River Gosthani. The Bheemunipatnam beach is usually filled with tourist. Attracted by the natural and scenic great thing about the place, most of the tourist visit the Bheemunipatnam beach to spend the weekends.

The beach offers the tourist with a superb opportunity to explore and knowledge the bountiful gifts of nature. While some tourist can enjoy sun bath on the beach, others can swim within the deep blue sea. For those that want to feature a touch adventure to their holidays, the beach provides for several adventurous sporting events where one can explore his or her sporting skills.

Top 10 Beaches in Andhra Pradesh

Top 10 Beaches in Andhra Pradesh: Andhra Pradesh may be a state bordering India’s southeastern coast. The state is documented for its rich heritage, ancient architecture and historical importance attracts travellers from all parts. Tropical forests, rivers, hills and caves make it a well-liked ecotourism destination.

The beaches of the state boundary the Bay of Bengal, offering spots for swimming and surfing. we’ve listed a number of the simplest beaches of the state below.

Top 10 Beaches in Andhra Pradesh

  1. Vizag | Ramakrishna Beach
  2. Uppada Beach ( Located Near Kakinada)
  3. Rishikonda Beach (Located Near Vizag)
  4. Bheemili Beach (Located Near Vizag)
  5. Yanam ( Located Near Kakinada)
  6. Suryalanka Beach – Bapatla ( Located Near Vijayawada)
  7. Vodarevu Beach – Chirala ( Located Near Vijayawada)
  8. Manginapudi Beach ( Located Near Vijayawada)
  9. Machilipatnam ( Located Near Vijayawada)
  10. Yarada Beach ( Located Near Vizag)